Motors, Outputs and the Arduino Micro Controller Class

  • Sun, October 27, 2013
  • 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
  • Buildmore Workshop


You can buy an Arduino Kit from us for $35 day of class (includes arduino uno, breadboard, jumpers, and usb power cable), Otherwise just bring your own.
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So, you've made an LED blink, you've switched it on and off through software & I/O, and controlled intensity using PWM. What's next?

    How about making things move with motors? From simple DC motors to servos and steppers we'll  learn motor control and what it takes to drive different motor types, and use some relays, transistors and dedicated motor control modules/shields.

Level:  Novice through Intermediate, should be comfortable with the IDE and breadboarding.

Format: Freestyle and learn at your own pace with hands-on building of circuits and code. Lecture and presentation portion of class will be under 15 minutes, and then you're off on your way building and controlling motors. Demonstrations and labwork will include position control with servo and stepper motors, as well as controlling a simple DC motor through software and integrating an external sensor into the control loop.
Assistance will be provided as needed and will include demonstration and explanation of operation as needed or requested.

Topics: buy an Arduino Kit from us for $35 (includes arduino uno, breadboard, jumpers, usb cable)

  • Motor Types & Applications
  • Arduino Pinout (how not to blow it up)
  • Sketches & Examples
  • Motor driver ICs, Boards & shields
  • Control of motors through software
  • Pulse Width Modulation
  • Servo Motors- Current vs. Voltage

What to Bring:

  1. Arduino Uno R3 or model with equal or more I/O
  2. Laptop w/ Arduino IDE installed, link here:
  3. Note taking materials, as desired
  4. Anything motor related you have questions about or want to figure out.
  5. We will provide motors & power supplies for class, with items available for purchase as well.

Class and Lab Fees:

  • Cost for Non Members:$50 (you bring own Arduino) or $85 (we provide the Arduino)
  • Cost Current Members: $40 (you bring own Arduino) or $75 (we provide the Arduino)
  • Add a Guest for $45

Instructor: Shawn

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